Benefits Of Having A Modem With Router Vs. Separate

There are many advantages of buying a modem router combo over separate units. The combo unit handles tasks of hosting the home network and connecting to the internet service. Moreover, modem and router all in one simplifies setup process, has no compatibility issues, easier to configure, and easy to store. You will find that the combo unit is ideal for people that have limited space and setup issues. The following are some of the advantages you should know:

Benefits of a modem router combo

One device

t2vgw3edfcv6hwed872j2The fact that it is a single unit means that modem router is more space efficient as compared to two devices. When you have limited space, the combo comes in handy. Moreover, it reduces the number of cables that are connecting to the network. Having separate routers and modems ought to communicate with each other through an Ethernet cable. Fortunately, a combo unit does not require such cable.

Compatibility and automatic configuration

When setting up and configuring modem router combo, you are required to setup a single device as compared to two unique devices. In this way, you speed up the connection process, and you do not need to configure different devices. Also, a combo unit ensures that the modem and router do not have any compatibility issues.


Troubleshooting a router and modem device when the internet is not working is quite easier as compared to working with the individual units. During troubleshooting, you will need to reset the router and modem individually. You will then wait for them to reboot individually, regain interface and signal with each other. With just a single device, you will just reset it, and it will be up in a few seconds.

Combo downsides

t2gw3edc6ywed7uj22However, a modem router combo has its disadvantages as compared to the separate units. For instance, if the router or modem stops functioning, you will need to replace combo unit. Also, when you change the service, for example; from DSL to cable, you are required to change the unit as well. If you only have an individual router, it will work, but you will have to replace the modem.

Remember that these two devices are not contingent on each other for the upgrades. For instance, if your internet service provider drops the support for combo devices of a given standard, you will need to replace the whole combo. This is more expensive than having individual units.…

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Five Things To Consider When Buying A Bluetooth Speaker


Choosing the best bluetooth speaker is not as easy as most people think with many devices available in the market. At some point in your life, you will need to spend some of your time outdoors relaxing far away from the hassles of the city. Have you ever imagined what it feels like to visit stunning music outdoors? It’s obvious that you will quickly forget about the overwhelming burden that comes with daily routine. You need the perfect bluetooth speaker and the ideal music player. If you were wondering what to consider when buying a bluetooth speaker, the following are the essentials that you should be on the look out for to choose the ideal device.

Factors to consider when buying a bluetooth speakers

1. Portability

345tyhgfgdfMost people choose to go with portable bluetooth speakers for listening to music outdoors. They can be easily carried around or can be used as decorations. Additionally, they have an outstanding sound output that will ensure that you enjoy your music throughout the day. Choose a small and lightweight speaker. Moreover, it should have a hook to make the process of hanging it on your backpack or carrying it with your hands becomes a stroll in the park.

2. Bluetooth version

When choosing a bluetooth speaker to go for one with the latest bluetooth version. They are fast and support both voice and data. Moreover, they have a wider transmission distance compared to the previous versions. Apart from that, they are also compatible with the older versions. Thus to choose the perfect bluetooth speaker to look for one with the latest Bluetooth version.

3. Sound quality

Next, the sound quality is among the things you should consider when shopping for a bluetooth speaker. A high-end bluetooth speaker should have a good sense of balance and outstanding representation for tri-bands. The treble is supposed to be clear and transparent at the same time. The middle band should be real and warm while the bass should be strong and powerful. Two channel bluetooth speakers function better than single channel speakers with more sense of 3D.

4. Battery life

The battery life of a bluetooth speaker also matters a lot. Tech experts estimate that the ideal battery life for a speaker should be between ten to fifteen hours. That should be enough to last throughout the day and part of the night. If you come across a Bluetooth speaker that offers less than ten hours move to the next device.ertyhjgfbv

5. Extras

Apart from the essentials mentioned above, you should also consider extras such as materials as well as additional functions. Most bluetooth speakers are made from different materials such as metal, plastic among the rest. Additionally, some of the manufacturers include waterproof material on the surface to ensure that you continue enjoying your music even if you accidentally drop your device inside water. And that is not all. Some manufacturers include extras such as wireless readers, alarm clock just to mention a few.

Bluetooth speakers are perfect for parks, picnics, camping trips and other outdoor activities. With no fixed standards for picking the best bluetooth speakers, these pointers will help you pinpoint the ideal device from the crowd.…

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