Guide to buying Bluetooth car kits

If you need to stream music from your smartphone or even receive hands-free calls while driving, you need a Bluetooth car kit. Some cars have built-in Bluetooth compatibility, which eliminates the need to buy Bluetooth car kits. Thus, if your vehicle does not have these feature, you can still enjoy the perks offered by Bluetooth technologies while driving. As a tip, focus on buying a Bluetooth kit like the Cushie Audio car kits that offer superior features. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a car kit.

Key considerations when buying Bluetooth car kits


Connection type


The connection determines how you connect or mount the kit to your stereo system. Some old cars have stereos that do not have an input jack leave alone Bluetooth compatibility. As such, you need to establish the kind of connection your that your stereo supports before making a decision. For instance, if you have an aux port in your stereo, get a Bluetooth car kit that can be connected directly.


Additional connectivity

Besides mounting, you also need to look at the possibility of coupling the car kit with multiple devices. Here, you should be looking at things like additional charging ports, connectivity to aux and FM transmitters. Other important features worth looking at include thongs like hands-free calling, wireless operation, and compatibility with different music devices among others. These superior connectivity features add value and might provide all the difference depending on your preferences.

Sound quality

Listening to music is all about sound quality. As such, the car kit chosen should allow you to listen to music and be heard with clarity when making calls. Superior Bluetooth car kits have added characteristics like echo and noise cancellation features that allow for better acoustics. Besides finding the best Bluetooth car kit, you also need to look at possible placement options. Thus, right kit and arrangement combination will certainly elevate the sound system in your car to new heights.


DRIVE 54657As much as this might not have anything to do with the technical features, the price often tells a lot concerning quality. Spending on upper range Bluetooth car kits means getting superior connectivity and advanced features. However, a cheaper unit is not always inferior.

Choosing Bluetooth car kits is all about getting value for money. As much as you might be looking the technical aspects, you need to look at the value for money. The best unit is always the one with superior features compared to other models in its range.