How to Speed up an Internet Connection


Snail paced internet connection infuriates. It’s even more maddening when the net slumps when you’re about to click the send button on an important e-mail or assignment with no deadline extensions. Not all is usually lost on these occasions if you can learn how to speed up an internet connection.

Tips how to speed up an internet connection


345tyhgfddThe first reaction to encounter slow internet usually involves placing a call to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Though this is a valid move, it’s not always the quickest way to resolve the problem especially if the ISP firm can’t locate the problem within their systems. Many fail to remember that their computers or local connections could as well be problematic, making it wise to start by checking the internet speed using any of the free online internet speed checkers.

Modems and Wi-Fi

If the speed is fine, then you may have to troubleshoot the problem from your side by restarting your computer as well as the router. There are instances when viruses can slow down your computer or your phone’s ability to pick up internet signals at a speed that serves your interests. In case you’re using a modem, you may have to unplug it, uninstall its portal, restart the computer and then plug it back in to install the portal a fresh before restarting the computer again for it to pick up the proper signal strength.

The other option is to forget using the modem directly and focus on its Wi-Fi aspects instead. In this case, you may have to move around the house or the compound to find the spot with the strongest internet signal. As you do this, track the progress using Wi-Fi signal software. Modern Wi-Fi routers and modems come with pre-installed network locators, but you can download any of the many reliable Wi-Fi network locators that are available online for free.

Other options to speed up your internet

345ytfgdfsdYou could also turn to an internet server with a quality of service or QoS features. With QoS, you may never even know that there is a problem with the internet whenever it occurs since the router automatically shifts its default settings to resolve the problem. The other alternative is to invest in a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Since you may be in a hurry to send that one quick e-mail, none of these options can help you wade through the urgency. Hence a swift and easy alternative are to close all broadband guzzling applications. Have only one window open, and the internet may speed up considerably to enable you to send or post your urgent assignment and give room to think about a permanent solution.

This could mean stepping up your ISP plan since your internet may be slow because you’re paying for the slow net. Note that topography and high-towering landmarks can make it difficult for you to get a quality Internet connection. Poor weather can as well cause problems. A couple of years ago, these were internet connection problems beyond ordinary redemption. The same can’t, however, be said of modern times as technological advancements are today powerful enough to help you access fast and reliable internet connection under any circumstances. All you need to is to talk to a professional internet firm.