Ultimate drone buying guide

Drones can be defined as unmanned aerial vehicles. In this post, we discuss drones designed for civilian use, which are also known as quadcopters. Quadcopters are maneuverable and stable. They have four propellers and motors. Moreover, they have a gyroscope to measure their position. This enables the drone to alter its speeds of every propeller to hover and have a stable flight.

Types of drones

The major categories of drones are three: beginner, professional, and racing. In this case, drones have varying capabilities and features that are suited for a given purpose.

Beginner drones

tvgwedfcv6hwed7ji22These are affordable drones with short flight times and ranges. In fact, you will find them easy to fly. Most of the are drones less than 100 pounds. Moreover, they are durably built to withstand minor crashes. You can easily find their spare parts online. These drones are meant for people who are new to flying. They are mainly for entertainment purposes and taking some basic pictures and videos.

Professional drones

These are quite expensive and are loaded with advanced features to deliver incredible photos and footage. They have high-quality HD cameras and use GPS tracking. Thus, they can return home easily and can be found when they get lost. If you are a photographer or videographer and you intend to take your career to another level, then you should purchase a professional drone. Due to their long range, these drones can be used when carrying out difficult tasks. In fact, you can use them to make money.

Racing drones

These are built with speed being the main consideration. Advanced drones can even do 100 mph. They use the first-person camera giving you a flight simulation. If you are interested in flying fast and competing, then you should go for a racing drone. They are meant for skilled individuals as they are quite difficult to control. In fact, if you are not careful, they can easily crash.

Desirable features

Flight time

tg2wedfc6v7hwej22This is directly dependent on the battery. You should not use that flight times vary from 10 minutes to one hour. Even if you have several batteries, a short flight time is likely to limit your enjoyment. It is advisable to have extra batteries for easy switching in case it runs low.


Ensure you purchase a drone that has a good range. Usually, ranges vary from 50 to 120 yards for the beginner drones. However advanced ones can hit 4 miles. If you want a drone for high-quality photography or racing, then you need a long-range drone.